We are NTU HCI Lab, focusing on cross-field research based on user experiences. We integrate both software and hardware, utilizing mobile devices and cloud techniques, to implement several innovative applications on mobile and wearable devices with our research on human computer interaction

– What is HCI?
HCI focuses on how people interact with technology. Based on we people, we design systems and interfaces that are easy to use and are able to help users complete their tasks. HCI requires people with different backgounds — computer science, hardware enginerring, psychology, socialology and so on, and thus creates the system people truly need.
– We design and study how people interact in the future
Our lives are full of computers, making our lives more and more convenient. Algorithms and applications which is totally engineering-oriented is actually incomplete in real life use. It is human computer interaction, or HCI, that mends the gap between information and poeple.

From the keyboard and mouse of our PC, to the touch operations of mobile devices, smart phones, tablets and smart watches, innovation in HCI defines how each generation live. So what do you think the interaction of the next gerneration should be? If you wish to create the brand new possibility of the interaction between human and people, then join our lab!