Interaction designers and researchers often have difficulty exploring novel virtual reality experiences due to high costs in terms of time and technology expertise require to build them.
For instance, to detect hand gestures or body postures with the motion tracking system, researchers are required to setup multiple cameras and tracking markers beforehand.
We present WizardVR which enables wizard-of-oz prototyping for VR experiences, by using head-mounted AR displays to allow designers to perceive the VR world and map it to the same coordinates as the VR user in the physical world.
It allows designers to observe user’s behavior without any hardware limitations and provide proper feedback for user.

We first conducted a user study with VR professionals to validate the feasibility of WizardVR in initial design phase of VR experience design.
Participants reported that WizardVR is a highly helpful method for early prototyping and showed high interest in applying in different fields.

We further discussed using WizardVR to support prototyping for haptic experience of VR.
Based on the insights we solicited from interviewing with VR/haptic professionals, we designed the AR visual display, specific to the needs of professionals for exploration of haptic experience for virtual experience feedback.
We discussed our design and reported on feedback received from post-interview user study with VR haptic professionals.
Finally, we conducted a lab-based study to compare 5 different design for eye gaze cursor visualization to allow designers with AR HMD to easily acquire user’s intent.